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Answers to Your Most Common Questions
Where is my order? When will I get my order?

All Orders of In-Stock merchandise received by 2:00 p.m. Pacific Time, Monday thru Friday are shipped the same weekday. Orders under 150 lbs. in weight will be shipped UPS Ground. Orders over 150 lbs. in weight will be shipped by common carrier. You will receive an e-mail confirmation of shipment with your UPS or common carrier tracking number. Ram Welding Supply is a UPS Tracking Enabled Site.

You may check where your order is, in transit, three ways:
1.) By checking 'Your Account' - View Your Past Orders on,
2.) By entering your tracking number directly at or the common carrier's web site or
3.) By calling our toll free number 1-800-374-9353 weekdays between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Pacific Time.

In most cases California customers receive their order the following business day. Further destinations could take up to ten (10) additional days.

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How do I place an order?

You can place orders:
1.)  Online through this web site by locating the items you wish to buy individually and adding them to your 'Shopping Cart' (online order).
2.)  By phone toll-free 1-800-374-9353 and talk with a real live welding supply counter sales person happy to take your order.

7:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. PDT Monday through Friday

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How do I pay for it?

There are three ways to pay for an order.

  • Use any of the 4 major credit cards, either through this site or by phone
    1. American Express
    2. MasterCard
    3. Novus/Discover
    4. Visa
  • With a Ram Welding Supply Charge Account either through this site or by mail or phone. If you do not yet have a charge account with us. Fill out and sign a CREDIT APPLICATION and mail it to us at the above address to open a Net 30 Day Ram Welding Supply charge account
  • Use a Check and mail it to us.

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I need supplies tomorrow. What can I do?

Rush orders can be shipped UPS Next Day or 2nd Day Air. Weekdays please call us at 1-800-374-9353. For orders placed during weekends and evenings add your request to the comment field of the Checkout: Shipping Information screen. The order will be shipped on the next business day to arrive as soon as possible. Additional freight charges will vary depending on weight and destination.

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What are my charges for shipping?

All merchandise advertised includes freight for destinations in the western continental United States. For destinations in the eastern half of the U.S. any additional shipping charges will appear in your 'Shopping Cart' for your approval, prior to your final Purchase "Click". For more information see our Shipping Information page.

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What do I do about a problem with my machine?

In the event you experience a problem with a machine purchased from Ram Welding Supply call our 800 number 1-800-374-9353 and our salespeople can get you the nearest repair/warranty shop in your area. If you prefer or there is no repair shop in your area, you can also send the machine to our factory-trained repair shop in Fresno, California.

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Can I buy parts from you?

We sell parts as well. We keep in stock many of the most common parts and are able to special order parts for most anything else.

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Are there any discounts for re-sale or quantities?

As a retailer, Ram Welding Supply sells direct to the end user so we do not offer re-sale discounts. We can however offer some quantity discounts on an item-by-item basis. Call us.

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How do I get my Ram Welding Supply gas cylinder filled?

Gas cylinders are shipped brand new. Due to the varying policies from supplier to supplier we encourage our customers to find out the policy of the gas distributor they intend to buy from locally.

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Do you sell welding rod?

Due to the high cost of shipping welding rod, we do not advertise it but we would be glad to quote any rod, specialty or otherwise.

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Do you carry any other brands?

We carry a wide variety of the most popular brands in the industry. Unfortunately it would not be practical to carry every brand, but if you call with an item from a manufacturer not listed we will do our best to get it.

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How to Order from Your Printed Catalog

1. Check Your Printed Catalog. Locate the item you wish to purchase in your printed Ram catalog. Note the Ram Part #. It will consists of a three-character supplier code and an item 'number' of up to 12 characters, no spaces (For Example, LNCK1642-2, MLR907000, TWEWM400L153545, or T/D1-1111-1). Be sure to include all slashes, dashes, and symbols as they appear in the item number.

2. Enter the Part Numbers. On the Home screen you can search up as many part numbers as you would like. (You will be taken to a search results page for the part numbers you have entered in) Click the 'Add to Cart' button. You can check your 'Shopping Cart' to check your order in progress at the top right.

4. Choose the Quantity. Change the item's default order quantity of one (1) to the amount you wish to order in the "Qty" box.

5. Double Check Your Order. Check to see that the description and price displayed match the item you wished to buy. To check that the part number represents the item you intended, you can click on the Part Number in the "Part #" column of your Shopping Cart and be taken to a page showing a picture and explanation of the item. To return to the shopping cart, click the 'View Shopping Cart' button in the upper right corner of the page.

6. Buy it! Click on the 'Checkout' button to continue.

7. Payment Options: During the Checkout process on the Billing Information screen there is a Payment Information section. The Payment Information section has a dropdown list for Payment Type. In addition to major credit cards it offers "RAM Welding Charge Account". If you already have a Ram Charge Account, simply select that payment type. Your existing open account will be billed for the purchase just as with phone or fax orders and it, of course, will be listed on your monthly statement.

That's it!

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Before I give my credit card number, how do I know that information will be kept safe?

To ensure that all information you exchange with us during the checkout process is completely private, our "" pages are secured and authenticated using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) software and a Thawte Digital Certificate. All information exchanged with us during the checkout process is SSL safe and private. SSL is the current Internet standard communications protocol for encrypting and decrypting messages for online transmission. This ensures that all information you send to us via the World Wide Web will be sent in code to ensure its privacy. To confirm our digital certificate for yourself, whenever you see the gold lock symbol in your browser status bar, you can double-click it to see details of our certificate's validity.

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