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Smith Equipment - 30510 Heavy Duty Combination Torch Outfit W/ Acetylene Tips

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  • Product Details
Product Details

Complete oxy-fuel system that can handle high gas flow for faster cutting, heating, brazing and welding. The SC200 cutting attachment can cut up to 8-inch thick steel with the appropriate tip.

Special Features:

  • Double-Tube Handle - Tube-within-a-tube design provides strength while reducing weight.
  • Internal Threads - Threads are protected from damage if torch is dropped.
  • Adjustable Valve Resistance - PTFE packing provides a gas-tight seal while allowing the "drag" to be adjusted to the individual preference.
  • Replaceable Hose Connections - Connections are easily replaced if damaged reducing maintenance costs.
  • Flo-Trol™ Valve - Eliminates seat burn out due to reverse flow of mixed gases.
  • Center Pre-Heat Valve - Usage for both left and right-handed operators.
  • Dual Filters Including Sure Seat™ - The regulator dual filter design protects the high-pressure seat from debris for reliable operation and long service life.
  • External Relief Valve - Protects regulator from damage due to inadvertent high-pressure surge. Relief valve will release excessive pressure and automatically reset.
  • Neoprene Composite Diaphragm - Resists corrosion for extended service life.
  • Silver-Brazed Connections - For extra protection, strength and leak resistance.
  • Nickel-Plated Finish - Deflects heat and resists corrosion.
  • Riveted Knobs - Will not come loose from the valve stem.

Includes: Torch Handle (WH200A) Safety Glasses (78000) Cutting Attachment (SC209) Oxygen Regulator(30-100-540) Acetylene Regulator (30-15-510) Cutting Tip (SC12-1) Welding Tip (SW205) Heating Tip (ST602) 25-ft 1/4" Twin Hose (RL1131) Friction Lighter (16571) Tip cleaner (16570) Torch Mount Flashback Arrestors (H743) Operations Manual

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