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Harris - .050" X 1/8" Dynaflow Phos/Copper Brazing Alloy Mini Pak (7 Stick Tube)

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  • Product Details
Product Details

Dynaflow premium, medium-range silver alloy, formulated to even tighter specifications than the stay silv alloys to mirror the performance characteristics of the 15% silver brazing filler metals. Excellent for brazing both tight and poorly fitted connections. Dynaflow’s proven reliability and acceptance by field service engineers has made it the leading choice of brazing operators. Phos/copper alloys are used to braze copper-to-copper and copper-to-brass. The phosphorus content in these alloys makes them self-fluxing on copper. When brazing brass or copper to brass, use Stay-Silv® white brazing flux. These alloys are not recommended for brazing steel or other ferrous metals.

  • Chemical Composition:
    • Copper (Cu): 87.75%
    • Phosphorus (P): 6.10%
    • Silver (Ag): 6%
    • Others: 0.15%
  • Solidus: 1190° F
  • Liquidus: 1465° F
  • Fluidity Rating: 3
  • Width: .050"
  • Diameter: 1/8"
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