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Part #HBDMT362

  • Belt Size:
    36 in. x 2 in.
  • Disc Size: 
    7 in.diameter
  • Contact Wheel:
    3-1/2 in. diameter
  • Drive Wheel:
    5-1/2 in. diameter
  • Belt Speed (approx): 
    Grinder RPM 3450: 6,200 ft./min.
    Grinder RPM 2850: 5,000 ft./min.

Grinder Not Included

Manufacturer: Multitool Usa
Belt and Disc Grinding Attachment

The Multitool has unlimited uses in all manufacturing, maintenance, productions, polishing and mechining industries. Can be used in all commercial operations or the home workshop. Ideal for the Do it your selfer.

Price: $199.00 Each

Attaches easily to most popular brands of 6 in. and 8 in. bench grinders with bolt-on wheel guards and a minimum 1/3 HP. Has four working surface: contact wheel, platten, "Free Strap" and disc. Great for sanding, sharpening, shaping, polishing, descaling and refinishing. Use with all metals, wood, plastic, ceramics and fiberglass.

Special Features:

  • Quick belt change, no tools required.
  • Simple belt tracking, hand operated no tool required.
  • Automatic self tensioning belt.
  • Trouble free operation.
  • Robust heavy duty construction promotes longevity.

Includes: Multitool, Sanding disc, sanding belt and fittings kit.

Learn more by watching the MULTITOOL Video.

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