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Part #KOM7325


Rubber Jacket, Nylon Coated Blade, Magnetic Tip.
Magnetic strength will vary with different types of metal surfaces. Always wear protective eyewear. Protect hands when cleaning Magnetic Tip; use gloves or cloth. Avoid Magnetic contact with sensitive electronic or computer equipment.

Manufacturer: Komelon
1" x 25 ft Magnetized Tip Tape Measure

An Absolute Must for Anyone Working with Metal! Magnetic MagGrip™ 25 ft. Tape Measure! Great for measuring elevations! Faster and Easier One-Person measurements!

Price: $11.79 Each

The ideal measuring tool for electricians, plumbers, dry-wallers, framers, welders, HVAC installers, steam fitters - anyone working with ferrous metals. Carpenters can use the tape measure with metal joist hangers, nail heads, hurricane clips, metal siding, and roofing. Faster, easier one-person measurements. Can also be used as a pick-up tool.

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