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Mathey Dearman - Double Jackscrew Chain Clamp

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  • Product Details
Product Details

The Double Jackscrew Chain Clamp "reforms Schedule 40 Pipe" on either side of the joint to be welded. The Jackscrews of the Jacbar exert pressure on the highpoints of both sides of the weld joint to eliminate "Hi-Lo". Pipe wall thickness "up to Schedule 80 can be aligned" with the clamp.
The Level and Support Device of the Chain Clamp allows the pipe, elbow, tee, flange and other fittings to be held safely and securely in place during the alignment and welding process. NOTE: Complete welding of the pipe and fittings can be done without removal of the clamp. Jackscrew Pads independently pivot to handle uneven surfaces.

Special Features

  • EXTRA CLEARANCE - Double Jackscrew Jackbar has extra clearance under the Jackbar to better facilitate a TIG Welding torch.
  • CRUCIAL ALIGNMENT - The Double Jackbars, spaced around the outside diameter of the pipe, provide concise alignment and reforming of the internal or external diameters of both pipes within 1/64th of an inch.
  • SAFE - Elbows, tees, and other fittings can be held safely and securely in place during alignment with the level and support devices.
  • VERSATILE - The Chain Clamp can be used to support, align, and reform elbow, tees and other fittings that Cage Clamp cannot manage. On Chain Clamp covers the range of eight (8) Cage Clamps.
  • READILY REFORMS pipes on both sides of the weld joint to Schedule 40 Pipe and ALIGNS Schedule 80 Pipes, elbows, tees and other fittings.
  • FLAWLESSLY ALIGNS pipe wall thickness to Schedule 80.

Includes: Nickel plated carbon steel or stainless steel duplex roller chain, Stainless steel Double Jackscrew Jackbars - quantity as indicated in specifications, Stainless steel Main Block, Level and Support Device, Jackscrew Wrench, Heavy-duty Storage Box, and Operating Manual

  • Model: D250
  • Normal Pipe Size Range: 1" - 8"
  • Reforms Pipes to Schedule: 40
  • Aligns Pipe to Schedule: 80
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