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The View As of March 1st, 2018
By Red Barnes, Chairman of the Board
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This cycle we are featuring the SAE300 MP. This multi process Kubota diesel powered welder is a favorite with pipe line welders. This machine is powered by a three cylinder water cooled 1800 RPM Kubota diesel engine. The machine will run the stick, TIG, MIG/ flux core and metal gouging processes. It is known for its pure DC output using all copper windings that give stable and smooth arc performance. This welder will operate at 300 Amps output at a 60% duty cycle and will run up to 7/32 Fleetweld 5p and Excalibur Low Hydrogen Electrodes.

Cross Country 300

We are also featuring the Cross Country 300. This pipeline welder was designed for operation out in the field where you need the versatility of a welder/ power generator that can be hauled out in the field on the back of your service truck. The generator portion of the unit will give you 10kW of continuous power on single phase or 11kW of continuous power when operating on three phase. The weld power is 300 Amps of constant current (CC) or constant voltage (CV) that allows you to run the stick, flux core, MIG, TIG and the metal gouging process. The engine power is a Kubota V1505 EPA 4 Tier 4 final engine. The net weight of the welder is 1034 lbs. This is a great, do it all, portable pipeline machine. Just add the accessories you need for this machine and you can weld pipe or do maintenance anywhere your truck can take you.


We now stock the Harris Manufactured line of torch equipment. The Harris brand has been in existence since 1905. Over the years the equipment has been owned by many corporations including the current owner Lincoln Electric and is sold under the heading of the Harris Products Group. Harris has their own style torches which are also available, but because of the popularity of the Victor style construction, these torch outfits have 100% compatible hook ups to Victor brand manufactured torch equipment. The regulators have a 7 year warranty; all other components have a 1 year warranty. We stock three separate Harris Ironworker outfits.

The Medium Duty outfit that cuts to 4 inches. This Includes oxygen/ acetylene regulators, a welding handle with check valves, a cutting attachment, cutting tip, welding nozzle, goggles, spark lighter, 20 foot ¼ twin hose, and a nice insulated tool bag to carry the set in. This outfit is 100 % compatible to the Victor 100 series torches.

The Heavy Duty outfit cuts to 8 inches. This has the same components as the Medium Duty package except it has the larger torch, attachment and regulators compatible to the Victor 300 series torches.

The Extra Heavy Duty outfit has the same components as the Heavy Duty except it has the large volume stainless diaphragm 450 style regulators. Compatible to the Victor 300 series torches.

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