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The View As of March 1st, 2017
By Red Barnes, Chairman of the Board
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Rebel EMP 215ic

This cycle we are featuring two multi-process welding machines by ESAB. The Rebel EMP 215ic is a true multipurpose welding machine, which means that it will do a good job when welding MIG, FLUX CORE, with STICK electrodes and TIG processes. When welding, its large screen allows you first to select the process you want such as MIG, then you select the wire size you are using, and finally you select the metal thickness and just start welding. The Rebels' dynamic weld arc control constantly monitors the arc characteristics and adapts to your own technique to provide a smooth stable arc with repeatable welds. The large, high pixel count display gives you great clarity of the welding parameters. The screen display also comes loaded with an ON DEMAND user’s manual and a listing of spare parts. The unique, five handle, roll cage design and uni-body steel construction provides you with a light weight, highly portable unit that includes a 3 year, handle-to-handle warranty. The EMP215ic comes complete as a package including: A TWECO FUSION 180 Amp MIG gun with 10 ft. cable, spare parts including contact tips and drive rolls, a TWECO 200 amp electrode holder with 13 Ft. Cable, sample 6013 electrodes, 2 LB. spool of 70S6 .030 wire, TWECO TIG torch and accessories, TWECO ground clamp with leads, VICTOR flow-gauge w/ 12 ft. hose and 120V /230V input plugs. The EMP 215ic has a maximum output of 240 Amps. On MIG welding 120 Volts input you get 130 Amps out at 20% Duty cycle. MIG welding 230 Volts input you get 205 Amps at 25% Duty Cycle. On STICK welding 120 Volts input you get 90 Amps at 40% Duty cycle. On STICK welding 230 Volts input you get 180 Amps at 25 % Duty cycle. On TIG welding 120 volts input you get 130 Amps at 40 % Duty Cycle. On TIG welding 230 Volts input you get 180 Amps at 30 % Duty cycle.

Rebel EMP 235ic

The Rebel EMP 235ic package is basically the same machine as the EMP 215ic except it is a little heavier at 53 pounds, has a higher rated MIG gun and the greater Output of 250 Amp Maximum. It also runs on 120 or 230 Volts. The outputs when running on 230 Volts are MIG: 235 Amps at 40% Duty cycle. Stick: 210 Amps at 40% Duty Cycle and TIG: 240 Amps at 40% Duty Cycle.

Flexvold Grinder

We now stock the NEW DEWALT FLEXVOLT 60V Max Portable Grinder kit. This amazing portable grinder has the power of the 13 Amp DEWALT D28144 corded grinder. This 9000 rpm unit allows the use of 6 inch wheels, has clutch disconnect if it gets jammed and overload protection. This kit includes grinder, 2 each FLEXVOLT Lithium Ion Batteries, Side handle, Fast Charger, Grinding Wheel, Wheel guard, Wrench, Flanges and kit bag. DEWALT believes this is a winner because they are offering a 3 year warranty, with 1 year free service and a 90 Day money back Guarantee.

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