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Part #MLR901357

  • Input: 30 amps, 220 Volt AC, 50/60 Hz
  • Work Capacity: 3/16"
  • Rated output at 50% Duty Cycle: 2.5 kVA
  • Rated Output: 6" tongs - 6,750 Amps, 12" tongs - 5,800 Amps, 18" tongs - 4,850 Amps
  • Max Open Circuit Voltage: 2.5 Volts
  • Net Weight: 42 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight: 45 lbs.

Tongs & Tips not included with Spot Welder.

Manufacturer: Miller Electric
Portable Resistance Air-Cooled Spot Welder LMSW-52T Air-Cooled, Spot Welder
Price: $1,389.00 Each
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This lightweight, air-cooled unit is portable, easy to operated, and provides a quick and effective means for spot welding mild, galvanized or stainless materials. This unit is an excellent choice for maintenance work and for spot welding applications that require portability and lower amperage welding.

The LMSW-52T Model welds up to 3/16" total material thickness or two pieces of 16 gauge galvanized metal. Includes a Timer Panel with a 0 to 5 second weld timer and power on/off switch. Comes with a 10 ft. input power cord and 10 ft. interconnecting cord.

Features: Accommodates a wide variety of tongs and tips. Hand lever locks tongs firmly on material, ensures positive, accurate fit-up. Quick and easy adjustment for material thickness. Reversible for left or right hand operations.

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