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Part #CWC2X40

  • Power: 110v
Manufacturer: Capital Weld Cleaner
2x40 Model Stainless Steel

Heavier & longer cables to improve durability & efficiency.

Price: $2,039.95 Each

The Capital Weld Cleaner provides shop professionals with the most dependable and efficient electro-chemical cleaner on the market. The electric cleaner uses precision technology to instantly clean discoloration from recently welded materials. Within minutes, your technicians will have a picture-perfect finished product and be ready to move to the next task. No more abrasives, no more excessive labor, no more headaches. Capital Weld Cleaners will put you back in control of your shop... and your bottom line.

Special Features:

  • 2x40 supports the use of (2) wands to double productivity
  • 2x40 higher power setting for faster cleaning of MIG/TIG weld
  • Efficient process dramatically reduces finishing time and labor costs
  • Electro-chemical reaction does not alter the surface finish
  • New ergonomic and insulated wand design prevents user fatigue
  • Compatible with new brush and etching options
  • Does not alter the surface finish
  • Dramatically reduces finishing time & costs


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