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Part #SMIMB55A-510

  • Welding Capacity:
    1/8 in.
  • Heating BTU: 
  • Fuel Gas:
Manufacturer: Smith Equipment
Medium Duty Acetylene Torch Outfit (CGA 510)

Versatile Toughcut outfits include many features found on more expensive outfits.

Price: $259.00 Each

The Toughcut series is perfect for a multitude of applications such as farm, ranch, hobby, automotive, refrigeration, light fabrication, and repair. Outfits feature rugged, reliable Series 30™ medium-duty regulators, accessories and can cuts up to 6” with optional tips.

Special Features:

  • Cutting Tip:
      Graf-Tite soft seats - Resilient Graf-Tite seat material protects tip seating areas from nicking to maintain positive seating. Requires less replacement than metal-to-metal seat designs.
      In-tip Mix - Each tip is a precision engineered mixer for combining preheat oxygen and fuel gas to attain maximum efficiency. Adds resistance to flashback.
      Slip-in tip design - just hand tighten after the first tightening with a wrench, only hand tightening is required to seat the tip, saving time when changing tips.
      Removable high-pressure seat - Allows cleaning from the back of tip.
  • Cutting Attachment:
      Slip-in cutting tips - save time when changing tips, no wrench needed.
      Three-tube construction - gases are kept separated, eliminating mixing tube burnout.
      Ease-on Oxygen Cutting Valve - allows smooth piercing and keyhole free starts.
      Triple O-ring seal - provides positive gas seal, and allows rotation.
  • Torch Handles:
      Internal threads - threads are protected from damage if the torch is dropper, eliminating costly torch repair, replacement or downtime.
      Double-tube handle - tube-within-a-tube design provides strength while reducing weight. Internal tube is silver brazed for extra protection, strength and leak resistance.
      Adjustable valve resistance - Special PTFE packing provides a gas-tight seal while allowing the "drag" to be adjusted to the individual preference.
      Stainless steel ball-style valves - Corrosion-resistant balls and brass seating surfaces provide gall resistance and positive, chatter-free seating.
  •   Replaceable hose connections - Hose connections are easily replaced if damaged.

Includes: Torch handle (CW5A), cutting attachment (CC509P), oxygen regulator (30-100-540), acetylene regulator (30-15-510), cutting tip (MC12-1), welding tip (MW205), heating tip (MT603), 20 ft. 3/16 in. twin hose (RL935), friction lighter (RL935), safety glasses (78000), regulator mount check valves (H698), and operators manual.

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