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Part #MLR255519

  • Viewing Area: 16 sq. in.
  • Operating Mode: Weld, cut, grind & X-Mode (have integrated grind shields)
  • Shade: #10 passive
  • Sensor: n/a
  • Switching Speed: n/a
  • TIG Rating: 5amps & below
  • Weight: 17 oz.
Manufacturer: Miller Electric
Fixed Shade
Price: $75.00 Each

The Miller TITANIUM™ 1600i welding helmet is the high-heat* industrial welding hood with an integrated grinding shield. The standard passive shade 10 welding lens offers protection for the most popular welding applications and the grinding shield supplies 180 degree view while grinding or while operating other power tools.

Special Features:

  • Innovative aluminum heat shield protects the welding lens in high amperage applications
  • Integrated grind shield provides 180 degree field of view while grinding
  • Silver shell reflects heat to keep helmet and user cool
  • Durable shock-absorbing gasket protects lens from drop impact
  • Convenient quick release provides easy access for front cover lens changes

Includes: Standard 4 x 5 shade 10 lens, outside cover plate, inside safety plate, and grinding shield


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