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Part #MLR267370

  • Battery life: 1,000 hours
  • Shades: #5,#7,#9,#11, & #13
  • Sensors: 2
  • TIG Rating: 20A
  • Switching speed: 1/15,000 sec.
  • Weight: 11.8oz
Manufacturer: Miller Electric

Ideal for welding in tight spaces, mobile welding and welding inspection.

Price: $205.00 Each
Spec Sheet

Is a revolutionary new concept in auto-darkening welding goggles. It combines a rigid face protector.

Special Features:

  • Compact design allows users to weld in spaces where access with traditional welding helmets is limited
  • Use for: gas welding & cutting, MIG, TIG, stick
  • Ideal for use with hard hats
  • Supplied with Rx/Magnifying lens frame
  • Features a replaceable silicon skirt designed to fit comfortably on varied face profiles
  • Lightweight design virtually eliminates neck strain
  • Eye covering fits tightly to the face to block out light for precision welding in bright surroundings
  • Face shield and head cover provide coverage for UV/IR rays and applications with limited spatter
  • Goggles feature shades 5, 7, 9, 11, and 13 (light state shade 3)

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