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Part #TACW1004401

  • Processes: MIG, Flux Cored, Lift TIG, Stick
  • Applications:
    • Light Industrial Manufacturing
    • Mechanical Contractors
    • On-Site & Portable Welding Applications
    • Automotive Repairs & Customization
    • Farms & Ranches
    • Training Institutions
    • Maintenance & Repairs
  • Rated Output:
    • 250A / 26.5V @ 40% Duty Cycle
    • 200A / 24V @ 60% Duty Cycle
    • 150A / 21.5V @ 100% Duty Cycle
  • Max Open Circuit Voltage: 72V DC
  • Amperage Range: 5-300A
  • Wire Feed Speed: 67 - 700 ipm
  • Weight: 65.3 lbs
Manufacturer: Tweco Welders
Multi-Process Welding System
Price: $2,349.95 Each

The new Thermal Arc 252i is changing the game in welding. A new standard for portable welding equipment delivering 3-in-1 MIG, Stick and TIG capability from one integrated portable system. With excellent portability at only 66lbs in an integrated platform with an Automatic Input Voltage Selection from 208 - 230 VAC and an Operating Range of 187 - 276 VAC this machine is unmatched in the marketplace.

Special Features:

  • MIG
    • Infinite Voltage Control with optimized starting performance
    • Inductance Control for arc stability and spatter control.
    • Tweco MIG Gun w/ 15 ft cable and industry standard Tweco #4 connection
    • Durable Metal Feed Plate features 2 roll drive system, quick change reversible drive rolls and easy-to-set single scaled wire tension knob
    • 4", 8" or 12" Spool Capacity allows easy installation of wire spool sizes
    • Spool Gun ready.
  • Stick / TIG
    • Adjustable Arc Force Control for optimum STICK electrode performance
    • Excellent 6010 welding electrode performance
    • Lift TIG Start: Provides TIG arc starting without use of high frequency.
  • Other Features:
    • PFC Power Factor Correction: Up to 40% power savings compared to conventional MIG welders.
    • Digital Meters: Voltage and Amperage; Preview and Hold capability
    • Excellent Portability: Lightweight, less than 66 lbs.
    • Comprehensive Setup Chart: Weld set up guide for optimum welding performance over a wide range of materials and shielding gases.
    • Trigger Control: 4T (Latch) eliminates operator fatigue.
    • Remote Receptacle: Enables connection of remote control devices and Spool Gun.
    • Quick Change Polarity: Simple quick change polarity (no tools required) from the front of the power source.
    • Overload Protection: Shuts down the power source to protect the internal electrical components from overheating.
    • IP23S: Suitable for outdoor use.
    • Advanced Features: Includes Pre & Post Flow, Down Slope, Hot Start, Spot, Stitch, Burn Back, Wire Sharp, Arc Hour Runtime, Run-in Speed.

Includes:Fabricator 252i Power Supply, 15 ft Tweco Spray Master 250A MIG Gun, Contact Tips 1 each: .030, .035, .045, Victor EDGE Argon Flow Gauge & 12.5ft Hose, Tweco Weldskill 200A electrode holder with 13ft lead, Tweco Weldskill 200A Ground Clamp with 10ft lead, Drive Rolls: .035"/.045" V Groove Lower & Flat Upper - .023"/.030"/.035" V Groove - .045" Flux Cored Roll, Operator's Manual, 9 ft Power Cord & NEMA 6-50P 230V AC Plug, .024" Outlet Guide

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