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Part #HOBHB-28-030-10

  • Applications: Automotive frames or structures, farm implements, construction equipment, pressure vessels, pipe and railcars. Excellent for robotic, automatic and semiautomatic welding applications with wire feed speeds ranging from moderately slow to very fast.
  • Shielding Gas: 100% CO2, 75% Ar/25% CO2, 90% Ar/10% CO2, 92% Ar/8% CO2 and other commercially available shielding gas mixtures
  • Diameter: 0.030"
Manufacturer: Hobart Filler Metals
Hobart HB-28 Gas Shielded, Solid Wire
Price: $35.75 Spool (10 LB 8")

HB-28 is a copper coated, mild steel solid welding wire that is formulated with a high deoxidizer content to provide excellent welding performance with CO2 and argon rich shielding gases. Ideal for short circuit transfer general fabrication welding. HB-28 produces an exceptionally smooth and stable arc with minimal spatter and offers good wetting characteristics that allow for uniform tie-in. It is a great choice for welding light to moderately scaled, oily or rusty plates. It can also be reommended for spray transfer arc welding applications.

Special Features:

  • High in deoxidizers
  • Excellent wetting characteristics
  • Lower Spatter
  • Arc is very smooth and stable
  • Smoother weld beads with uniform tie-in
  • Minimal after weld clean-up

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