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Part #VIC0384-2101

  • Welding Nozzles: (W) 1,3,5
  • H 315FC Torch Handle
  • Series 1 Type: 101 Cutting Tips
  • CA 2460 Cutting Attachment
  • ESS4-15-510 Fuel Gas Regulator
  • Heavy Duty Processes
Manufacturer: Victor Equipment
Heavy Duty - Oxy-Acetylene
Price: $499.00 Each

This heavy duty outfit features Victor Professional Edge Series regulators and cuts up to 3/4" (19.1mm) or 8.0" (203mm) with optional tips. It welds up to 1/2" (13mm) or 3.0" (76mm) with optional nozzles.

Includes: T-Grade Hose 25' x 1/4", CA 2460 cutting attachment, Size 3 welding nozzle - welds up to 3/16", Size 5 welding nozzle - welds up to 1/2", Soft sided goggles, 1-1-101 Cutting Tip - cuts up to 3/4", Striker and tip cleaner, ESS4 Edge Series Regulators - ESS4-125-540 & ESS4-15-510, H 315FC High Flow Torch Handle with flashback arrestors and check valves, Size 1 welding nozzle - welds up to 3/32", and MFA heating nozzle, size 8

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