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Part #MLR951327


Input Power 350: Requires 3- or 1-Phase Power
Output Power: 10-38 V, 5-425 A
Max Open Circuit Voltage: 75V DC
Dimensions: 17" H x 12-1/2" W x 24" D
Weight: 80 lbs.


Power source is warranted for 3 years, parts and labor.
Original main power rectified parts are warranted for 5 years. Weight and Size limitations prevent this product being shipped via UPS. Next Day, 2nd Day or 3-Day Select service is not available.

Manufacturer: Miller Electric
Multiprocess MIG Welder DC Inverter Power Source

Miller's XMT 350 MIGRunner is a complete out of the box 350 amp DC Inverter Power Source Package.

Price: $7,149.00 Each
Spec Sheet
Truck or Mfg. Direct Ship Only


The XMT 350 is a multiprocess inverter that will operate on 305-350 or 456 Volt AC single phase or three phase primary input power. The XMT-350 is a DC 350 amp @ 60% duty cycle Inverter Style Power Source when operated in 3-Phase primary power, and rated at 300 amps when operated in single phase input power. The XMT 350 can perform MIG, Stick, TIG and Carbon Arc cutting and gouging. When used with 14 Pin Optima Control the unit can perform Pulsed MIG and Tig.


  • NEW Auto-Line Power Management Technology lets you take control of the primary power. Now you can hook up any input voltage with out having to manual link.
  • NEW Superior Electrical Efficiency gives the output power a .95 Power Factor Boost.
  • Fan-on-Demand cooling system operates the fan only when needed, reducing the noise and energy needed to operate the machine.
  • Lift-Arc allows TIG starting without the use of high-frequency. Start the arc without contaminating the weld with tungsten.
  • Wind Tunnel Technology protection for the electrical components and PC boards.
  • Adaptive Hot Start increases the output amperage at the start of a weld if necessary, eliminating electrode sticking.
  • Inverter Arc Control Technology provides greater puddle control for Superior 6010 Stick electrode performance.
  • Line Voltage Compensation keeps power constant even if power input varies by +/-10%.
  • A Process Selector Switch that reduces the number of control setup combinations without reducing any features.
  • Lightweight, Aerospace-grade Aluminum case give it the best protection while reducing the weight at the same time.

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