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Part #LNCK1726-5

  • DC Constant Current Output: 305 Amps @ 29 Volts, 100% Duty Cycle
  • Touch-Start TIG™: 250 Amps @ 30 Volts, 100% Duty Cycle
  • Single-Dial Continuous Control: 14 to 29 Volts DC
  • Wire Feeder Power: 42 Volt, 60 Hz. 15 Amps & 120 Volt, 60 Hz. 20 Amps.
  • Open Circuit Voltage: 80 Volt DC Max @ 3700 Rpm
  • Generator AC Power: 9,500 Watts Continuous & 10,500 Watts Peak @ 60 Hz. Single Phase:
  • 38 Amps @ 240 Volts AC & 4 each 120 Volt AC 20 Amp Receptacles
  • Dimensions: 36.2 x 21.5 x 42.3
  • Weight: 510 lbs.


  • Kohler CH23S Command, 2 Cylinder, 4 Cycle, Overhead Valve, Air-Cooled
  • Gasoline Engine
  • 23 HP @ 3600 Rpm. 41 Cubic Inches
  • Low noise level: 100 db @ rated load.
  • Electric Start

3-Year Lincoln warranty.
Kohler engine: 2-Year Manufacturers Warranty.
This product is Free Manufacturer Direct Ship Only. Product will be shipped Common Carrier / Freight Truck. Weight and Size limitations prevent this product being shipped via UPS. Next Day, 2nd Day or 3-Day Select service is not available.

Manufacturer: Lincoln Electric
305 Amp DC Gasoline Engine Driven Welder



Price: $5,364.00 Each
Spec Sheet
Truck or Mfg. Direct Ship Only

The Ranger 305G is a powerful stick, TIG, Wire and Pipe Welding power source that is the ultimate, all day, every day performer. Rugged and dependable, the Ranger 305G is built with a totally enclosed case for maximum protection; Chopper Technology for the best arc in the business; and a 12 gallon fuel tank that will last you through the entire day. Lincoln's Ranger 305G... it's ready for a workout.

Special Features:

  • Excellent DC Multi-Process Welding for general Purpose Stick, Pipe Mode for Stick welding, TIG, Cored-Wire, MIG, and Arc Gouging with Carbons up to 3/16" Diameter.
  • Single, full range output control dial. No more confusion with taps and controls.
  • 4 Welding Modes: CC-Stick, downhill stick welding on pipe, CV wire welding and Touch-Start TIG (eliminates high frequency and tungsten contamination)
  • Dual digital output meters for presetting weld amps or voltage. Also displays actual outputs while welding. Memory feature holds output readings for 7 seconds after welding stops.
  • Output at welding terminals controled by electronic contactor. Can be switched to "ON", or to "Remotely Controlled:. Remote is auto-activated when connected. 6-pin connector for remote output.
  • Capable for use with many Lincoln wire feeders including the LN-25, LN-23P, LN-7 and LN-8.
  • 12 Gallon fuel capacity allows you to run an extended day. 20% longer than the nearest competitor.
  • Engine hour meter for scheduled maintenance.
  • Automatic engine shutdown protection for low oil pressure.

Prop 65 Warning


Product's may contain one or more substances or chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm.

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