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Part #CUR14775

Manufacturer: Curv-O-Mark
For 1/2" diameter pipe and larger

For aid in the setting of centers, and establishing angles and marks for butt-ins. This Curv-O-Mark Centering Head is for 1/2" Pipe and larger.

Price: $73.59 Each

Contour® Curve-O-Mark® #6 Standard Centering Head is used on pipe 1/2" O.D. and larger. Curve-O-Mark® centering heads aid in th setting of center lines, establishing angles and marks for butt-ins, locating points inside pipes and tanks, laying out keyways and measuring declivity.

Special Features:

  • Used on pipe 1/2 in diameter and larger
  • 4 inch Y-type head fitted with an adjustable dial bubble protractor (DSL)
  • Manually operated hardened centering pin

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